Letter from our girl
Letter from our girl

Letter from our girl


Dear all members of HCG:

There are two purposes of writing this letter. First, it is to express my thanks in being fortunate enough to live in Home Care for Girls. Second, I would like to use the perspective of an “ old girl” to tell you all the importance of the accommodation is to me and the other girls who stay there. The work of HCG to help girls in need of a home and the services that it provide...maybe you have already heard of such information often from  social workers or Sister Agnes, which is why I would like to use the perspective of a service user to express my feelings from a first-person point of view. 

I have grown a lot in during the less than two years’ experience here. I am very grateful to have such a place for shelter and a place to allow me to make mistakes. When I am hurt, there will always be someone to care for and to teach me. I have experienced too many incidents of separation in the past, causing me to become numb towards my surroundings. This place allows me to remember the importance of being grateful. Although I may make mistakes over and over again, they still continue to give advice wholeheartedly and provide us with chances. Not having a permanent home all these years has been a painful thing for me. Especially after I entered adulthood, the resources and help provided by organizations decreases drastically. I worry about my future, every day, whether I would have to sleep in the streets or give up my studies tomorrow, one week later, one month later or one year later. I am thankful for being able to stay in HCG. Although not all the worries disappear, at least it has given me time to relax. The house parents and social workers are also very concerned about our whereabouts and plans after the stay, and often discussing this with us. 

There are also various kinds of people here. The house parents also have different personalities. There are many opportunities for one to get along with others, allowing me to learn and correct some mistakes.

To be honest, the thing that I have learnt most here is to be grateful. The previous places that I used to stay in usually do not come to a good ending. I used to leave as quickly as possible at the end, nevertheless writing a thank you letter, it would already be great if I did not scold them. Seems a bit too much? When I think about it now, I also think that I wasn't right. But HCG can even make me write a thank you letter, isn’t it very magical? Hahahaha. I don’t dare to say that I have become a better person and corrected all my faults, but at least I am more like a human now, not being cold and selfish. When you receive, you should also give, so you can continue to receive. Someone said, ‘If you are good to ten people, there is no guarantee that those ten people will be good to you. If there are two to three people who are, it is already very good. If you do not even give a little, none of the ten people will be good to you.’It may seem an easy and plain concept to understand, but it is not easy when one has to really give and sacrifice. This place has taught me how to understand this and this is why I am using my time to write this thank-you letter.

There are many thoughts which are difficult to express through speeches and difficult to write down. But I would really like to thank you all. HGC does not only operate with social workers, parents and staff, Although I am not entirely sure about the nature of the board, I know that the support of the board is really important in continuing to support the homeless girls with accommodation services. This place is not only a place of shelter for us, but also a home, a home full of love. 

From Small Potato

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