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A home is a place where one receives nourishment and finds anchor.


Our Service

The HCG has two facilities, a main operation in Tsing Yi and an auxiliary site in Shatin.


Home Care for Girls, Tsing Yi

Rm 207-214, Ching Kwai House, Cheung Tsing Estate, Tsing Yi
Service Targets:
  • School girls between 14 and 18 years of age
  • Suffering from domestic violence
  • Unable to live with their families due to various reasons
26 persons
Duration of stay:
  • Urgent placement: 1-3 months (1 headcount available)
  • General placement: Up to 12 months
HK$1,640 per month, including accommodation and meals. Transportation and other personal expenses on the girls own account.
Scope of services:
  • Home care in a loving environment;
  • Life skills training;
  • Referral for the girls and their families to appropriate social services and counselling services;
  • Group activities to foster friendship and peer support.

Professional counselling

Most of HCG's residents have traumatic family and personal experiences and are emotionally disturbed deep under. Psychological wounds, if left untreated, severely impact a person's long term personality development and relationship with others. Resident clinical psychologists and counsellors at HCB provide professional counselling to residents to palliate the immediate pain, and in concert with ongoing homely care, rehabilitate the wounded soul and reinvigorate them to a fresh start.

Home Care for Girls

Rm 207-214, Ching Kwai House, Cheung Tsing Estate, Tsing Yi