Our mission
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Our mission

In today’s increasingly complex society, families are confronted with worsening social problems. The number of girls fallen victim to household abuse and adolescent challenges are escalating in an unprecedented rate. Woefully, some will end up on the streets as delinquent juveniles if there has been no appropriate intervention.

The Home Care for Girls (“HCG”) is a non-profit organization founded by a group of devoted individuals with a shared vision in helping young girls in crises. It provides a safe and caring home-like environment where girls under extreme stress can experience compassion and live a stable life away from problematic family situations. Through the experience, the girls would learn to deal with challenges in life and work towards a brighter future.

Our mission

Shelter them that they may experience the warmth of a home.

Care for them that they may taste what is love.

Nuture them that they may value life.

Home Care for Girls

Rm 207-214, Ching Kwai House, Cheung Tsing Estate, Tsing Yi